2-Course Bundle: 10 Hacks to Change Your Struggling Relationship & How to Change Your MINDSET After a Heartbreak



With several people wanting more than one course to get them back on the right path, this is a great way to get 2 of our courses at a great price!  This bundle included both my “10 hacks to help your struggling relationship!” course, as well as my “How to Change Your MINDSET After a Heartbreak” course.


10 hacks to help your struggling relationship!

Does your relationship feel as if it hit a brick wall? Does it seem like every other month it is a new argument or disagreement?  If you asked yes to the following questions don’t worry you are not alone.  Statistics show that most relationships only last 2 years.

What those statistics don’t show is the ups and downs throughout those two years. Most couples can save their connection by applying outside resources via relationship counseling or relationship courses. If you want to mend your relationship and save what you worked so hard for, then this course is for you. This course offers:

  • How to identify healthy and unhealthy habits inside the relationship.
  • How to identify common problems and how to implement proven solutions.
  • How to eradicate old patterns.
  • How to forgive and let go.
  • How to renew your commitment to each other.

” I would rather have a awkward conversion now than my feelings hurt later.”


How to change your mindset after a breakup!  This course is for anyone who is going through a relationship break up, separation, divorce or a job loss!

This course takes you through 5 chapters of proven methods to getting your life back on track. Each chapter breaks down a theory and how to apply that theory and how to prevent the trauma from happening again. Each chapter has a variety of activities for you to implement into your daily routine. This course offers:

  • How to shift from a negative mindset to a positive mindset.
  • How to apply these theories into daily habits.
  • How to learn the lessons from your trauma.
  • How to get back to the version of you before the trauma.

” You will have to sacrifice the old you to get to the new you.” ~ Tavel McCann ~

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