Tone And Sex Up With Exercise Sex!

Have you ever thought about combining sex and exercise to make a wonderful package known as exercise sex? Because if your sex lifealready involves getting your heart rate up and having a bit of a stretch, then you’re probably already doing it! If you hadn’t already considered it, exercise sex is actually a very easy and effective way of exercising without even realizing you’re doing it. And being a combination of sexual activity and exercise, sex exercise provides a cardiovascular work out by increasing the heart rate while toning and conditioning the body at the same time. It’s brilliant for those who struggle to find motivation for the gym, but don’t need any persuasion for a work out between the sheets. And the wonderful thing about it, is that you don’t have to sway to fair away from your regular sex positions to get the benefits.

Missionary position for example is an excellent exercise sex position to start squeezing and pulsing your butt. And your inner thigh flexibility can be improved just by purposefully opening your legs as wide as possible, and strengthening them again by lifting them and wrapping around your partners waist then giving them a stretch. Missionary position is also fantastic for targeting those difficult to sculpt lower abs. With your legs wrapped firmly around your partners back, focus on thrusting up towards him and if possible lift your butt off the floor. This engages those hard to reach lower deep abdominal muscles while also giving you the added bonus of some wonderful friction against your clitoris. You can also use exercise sex to strengthen nearly any those all important kegal muscles. From positions such as missionary or doggy, simply squeezing and contracting these muscles works to strengthen your pelvic floor while also giving your lover extra stimulation. Exercise sex is also beneficial when you’re working towards more difficult or advanced positions. By using the legs on shoulders position for example you can work with your partner on improving the flexibility of the backs of your legs. And when moving to scissors position, you can both work to improve your flexibility and tone your inner and outer thighs as he alternates each leg in a scissor movement. Doggy position offers many sexercise techniques and is a particularly great way to build your upper body strength. By leaning on your forearms and clasping your hands together, you can set your shoulders back and squeeze your hands engaging the muscles in your forearms and shoulders. And if you have strong wrists you can also try doggy in a ‘push up’ position for the toning of your shoulders, arms and back. And if your arms get tired and you need a break, you can try to focus on squeezing your kegal muscles as he penetrates you in and out. This sexy exercise will engage your core and target your abs and you can also squeeze your glutes for maximum exercise sex effect.


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