2nd Date Tips

Dating is an art from which requires skillful handling to ensure your partner agrees for a second date. Attention needs to be paid to too many aspects in your partner like looks, a sense of humor, stinginess etc. If you want to ensure the relationship sustains itself and a second date is assured then here are some dos and don’ts.

Firstly it’s important to make sure that the person whom you are planning to take out for a date is comfortable in your company. Choose a fragrance wisely regardless if your gender. This is to be done as he/she will always remember you by that particular fragrance. In your first date spend more time in listening to your date then talking as this will make the date more interesting. During the conversation have fun, try to think positive and smile often. Both men and women should dress simple yet elegantly. Music in the car should be soft.

It would be better if you will select a special CD for the person you are going on a date with.

If you are planning for a dinner date then make sure you offer your date a breath mint after dinner, keep in mind you should take the breath mint first before you offer your  date. Try not to be judgmental about your date and always keep eye contact with your date while you have a conversation. Paying the bill is an important aspect of your second date. A partner who is hesitant to bring out his/her wallet will make a poor impression and could be a warning sign of things to expect in a third date.

If it’s a second date always give a genuine and descent compliment to your date and try to create a good chemistry.  Have a light conversation and try not to talk about politics or religion. Always try to have a light and smooth conversation if it’s your first date.

The venue that you select for your first date should be nice and elegant.

Be on time as it leaves a good impression for the first time you go for a date. Try to be patient and polite to your date. While talking should be natural don’t behave artificialyl and always try to keep your mood pepped up.

If you really like the person and want to take her/him for a second date then make the first date magical and memorable. For a guy if you want to have a second date then make the first move and tell her that you would like to take her for a second date. For a girl however be attentive while you have a conversation and show that you are interested and be sure to laugh. Also a guy should give a call to the girl after 3 to 4 days of his date and show that he is interested in seeing her again.


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