25 Must-Ask Questions on a First Date




The Top 25 must-ask questions on a first date course. This course takes you step by step through the top reasons why couples break up because these questions weren’t asked when they first started dating. This course offers:

  • How to review this study guide and apply instantly.
  • How to bring these questions up in a casual conversation.
  • How to respond to the answers given to get sure-fire answers.

These questions go above and beyond just a first date and can be asked at any time if you haven’t already asked them.

To find out if this course is for you answer these simple questions:

  1. Do you lack the depth of knowledge on your potential future together?
  2. Are you uncertain if this person is a hundred percent into you?
  3. Are their words inconsistent with their actions? If you answered yes to at least two of these questions then this course is for you!

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