Guidelines on Speed Dating

This is the time of impatient generation that wants everything fast. We want quick money, fast fame, fast food and fast life. When everything is so quick and easily accessible, then how can ‘dating’ stay behind? Speed dating is the ‘in’ thing, which is one of the amazing trends in several countries. Want to have some exciting fun, enjoyable and great pass of time? Get into speed dating. But, before that, know some essential aspects of speed dating from the given discussion.

If you are familiar about musical chair game, then you can easily take part in speed dating too where there are some numbered chairs. On such a numbered chair, ladies take the seat and after that they are joined by gents. The time of conversation between the couple is three minutes and then buzzer rings and partner changes. There are several such three-minute rounds and based on the performance of couples in such rounds, points are given to them.

Couple with maximum points becomes the winner of this speed dating game.

There are possibilityof going with forty dates on an average night. In a match, a man can date with six women, which is definitely interesting. But that also means that you have to impress all of them and for that the following tips would help you.

Charm is the most essential factor that girl loves, improve on it. Polish up your looks and maintain a good-looking smile. The approach should be friendly so that the woman gets drooled by your attraction. select the color of your dress carefully. Wear something that can make you look attractive but at the same time make sure that your attire does not overshadow your personality. Be comfortable with what you are wearing and shower confidence in your approach.

You must win hearts by speaking properly and thus maintain an excellent conversation.

This doesn’t mean that you start with dull topics and turn off your dating partner. keep a good sense of humor in your discussions and always try to involve the lady. Do not go on and on.

One of the important aspect of speed dating is the smell. males can try out a awesome fragrances like vanilla and cinnamon perfume. If you are a woman, black licorice perfume can be immensely attractive and seductive.

The prize for the winners of speed dating contest is probably the most exciting and charming thing. After the game gets over, the winners are provided a chance to go for a date.

You can find your match in three minutes and win a opportunity to go on a date for three hours or more. Make proper preparation after winning the speed date game. Confirm the dating place, take your sell phone, buy a gift and enjoy.

This concept of speed dating is nice fun. The concept of such dating is to find a match and a soul partner. Sadly, this concept is losing its significance as couples are more interested to short-time fun. Have fun with speed dating but also try to take this opportunity to search for your true love.


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